Friday, 8 July 2011

Today we had an amazing day building bridges...

The children were given the challenge of crossing a 30cm river (the River Yellow Tray!!) and holding up at least a100g weight. Three of the bridges managed to hold up 8KGS!!! (I ran out of weights at this point!!) Well done to all the children for brilliant team work.

If you liked our earlier story, here is a selection of others for your enjoyment....

As the four campers sat defencelessly around the camp trying to ignite a perpetual light, something was lurking in the thick woods … abruptly some kind of creature jumped out of his lair, froze one of the defenceless campers then smashed him to fragments like a baby having a tantrum. The bloodstains on this felons claws marked the end of another  life . The other campers  returned only to find the corpse of their long lost friend. One of the campers stated “his life ended with his dignity still intact”. But this made them more vindictive than ever. So they gathered swords guns followers anything they could get their hands on so the campers clearly blinded with the desire to avenge their friends death set out and went to fight their last battle. The beast had just finished  his drink of one of the beloved campers blood. As they all went to fight, the beast had already gathered the weapons. Abruptly the world lit up. The campers fled. The beast still lurks in thick woods waiting for the smell of his prey.
by P.P.

As I left the path I entered the dark eerie woods. I walked through the dead forest, the cold trees swaying side to side. Then suddenly… I heard a massive bang and a cry, so I went to explore the frightened forest. I heard leaves rustling on the floor. I then saw a man or was it a non-flesh bony zombie. I went closer and it was a zombie. It sprang at me. So I got my gun out and shot it in the head. I tried to ring the police but I had no signal. And suddenly loads were chasing me. I ran as fast I could but there was no hope.
by A.D.


During our visit to Sutton Park, we sat in the woods and wrote spooky is one of those 'creepy' stories...I hope you can sleep well tonight after reading it..!!!

As I left the stony path, I entered the gloomy woods. It was pitch black and at midnight. I walked nervously as I heard an owl hooting in the distance. I looked around feeling as though I was about to scream. I sat down, trying to look in my bag for the torch.  I found it, turned it on and then the battery died and the light went out! I heard a twig snap so I looked around thinking that maybe someone was coming.
        A lightning bolt flashed in the sky lightening up all of the forest and a few seconds later there was a massive BANG!  Then it started to rain heavily. Even though I was scared to death, I heard a dog bark aggressively and then a horrifying scream!
        I heard footsteps as if they were coming towards me “W…W…Where are you?! Show yourself!” I cried looking around. I saw a man wearing a black jacket running towards a field. I picked up my phone ready to call my dad, but it was dead battery! I walked backwards and suddenly tripped over an old tree root. I opened my eyes and I saw dark clouds in the sky with stars, the moon and three Chinese lanterns.
        A wolf howled as I was getting back up from the ground. I ran over to a light and it was that dark I ran into the gate and hit my leg on the bars. “Oi! Let me in now!” I shouted.
“No! Go away, You don’t belong here!” I was that tired I just walked away from the graveyard and fell asleep.
by J.E.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Our trip to Sutton Park. We managed to avoid any lengthy spells of rain. The sun broke through and we had a great time.

L.W and A.D. sketching the scene in front of them.
A.B., R.T. and M.D. checking out the flow.
P.J., J.C. and others studying the area.
R.T. standing on a deposit of mud!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Investigating Rivers

We are commencing our brand new unit, Investigating Rivers. This will 'run' (no pun intended!!) for the next 6 weeks or so and will include a day out at Sutton Park-details to follow...

Monday, 23 May 2011

Persuasive Writing unit starts!!

Today Y58 were given a lesson about the Persuasive Features of Leaflets. E.A, N.C, and A.D went up to the interactive whiteboard,with the microphone, and explained why they liked the features on the leaflets. There were five leaflets and Y58 chose one of them to write about.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Bhangra Day in Year 5

Today Vijay visited Year 5 with his dhol drum. Excitement spread as the beat kicked in. Before long, Class 8 were well into the flow, performing dances set against the backdrop of Indian harvest time in the northern area of the Punjab.